frequently asked questions

what are the rental rates?

To view our rental rates, please submit your name and email address on our   rental rates page and you will be redirected to view rates for both Convolo and Casetta.

what time can convolo be rented out?

The Convolo space is available for rent 7 days a week between the hours of 7am-11pm with a minimum of 3 hours for standard rentals. Wedding rentals require a minimum of 8 hours though we can be flexible on this if requested. The Convolo Suite (rented separately) has a minimum of 2 hours. Rental timeframe INCLUDES set up and tear down time. If you need additional time to set up or tear down, please extend your rental time-frame accordingly.

can vendors drop off florals, installs, or other deliveries ahead of time?

As to not disrupt other rentals happening in the space, all drop offs and deliveries MUST take place during your rental time-frame. Please also note that we do not have staff on site to accept deliveries.

do i need to set up tables and chairs?

If you do not select/pay for set up or tear down services, you  will be responsible for setting up the tables and chairs and taking them down at the end of your rental UNLESS otherwise arranged by us. Please be sure that the extra time needed to set up or tear down is INCLUDED in your rental time-frame.  

what is the bridal suite?

The Convolo bridal suite is located upstairs and is accessible by separate entry. Whether you're getting married at Convolo, or have an alternate wedding location and simply need a place for you and your bridesmaids (or your groomsmen) to get ready, the suite is well-equipped for your special day.  Visit our bridal suite page for more information.

what does my rental entail if i added set up or tear down services?

If you selected/paid for set up services, we will be in touch prior to your rental to receive. If you added tear down services, you may leave the tables and chairs up when you leave.

what is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel 30 days or more prior to your rental date, you will receive a 50% refund. Please note we block off your rental date and often turn away other renters. Due to this nature of our business, within 30 days we do not offer refunds for cancellations. This policy still applies if your booking was made within 30 days of your rental date. Thank you for understanding. 

can i bring in my own food and beverage?

You may bring in your own food and beverage. Please ensure that alcohol policies are met (see below).

what is the booking process?

To book, you may fill out the rental form. We will confirm availability and send you a digital invoice and contract. When the contract is signed and the invoice is paid, the date is reserved for you. Your rental date(s) is not reserved until we receive the full payment.  Upon submitting payment, you will receive a confirmation email with next steps. 

what is the cleaning fee and is it optional?

The cleaning fee is a $100 mandatory charge that  covers our staff coming in before and after rental for deep cleaning, sanitizing and restocking of the Convolo space and bathrooms. We ensure the space is up to standards for when you arrive for your event.  The cleaning fee is non-negotiable.

are tables and chairs included in my rental?

Ten (10) 6’x30” rectangular plastic tables, three (3) round standing plastic cocktail tables, and sixty (60) black padded folding chairs are included. Linens may be rented separately.

what additional items are available for rent?

For your convenience, we have add-ons available for rent from linens, backdrops, audio & tech and more. View our rental add-ons  for a list.

is there a parking lot?

Yes, we have two off-street parking lots  on site which are located directly north of our building. Guests may park in both the paved lot and the gravel lot. The paved lot is shared with the restaurant and the gravel lot is solely for Convolo guests.

is there a loading zone?

If you need to load and unload, we ask that you do not block the restaurant's door next to us  (Roots of Brasil). You may pull over in front of the Convolo door and use your hazards.

does convolo have required vendors or caterers? 

For your flexibility, Convolo has no requirements for caterers and you may hire any vendors so long as they meet any legal requirements, such as having appropriate licenses. Click here to view our preferred vendors

is alcohol permitted?

Alcohol is permitted for guests 21+. You may serve beer and wine so long as it is not sold on the premises. For distilled spirits or to sell alcohol, a licensed caterer/bartender must serve it on site according to the South Dakota state law. Bartenders must apply for a permit 30 days prior. Ask us for details.

do you allow early access into the space?

Out of respect for other rentals happening at the space, we cannot accommodate early access or early delivery/drop offs.  Your booked time-frame is your access time. Access beyond the timeframe on the agreement will result in additional charges. If you need to add time prior to your rental, reach out to use and we will check availability. Thank you for your understanding.

what is expected of me when i leave the space?

Please make sure to follow the guidelines which are printed out in the space during your rental.  Be sure to take out your trash and remove any articles that were brought into the space in order to avoid any fees. As stated on our contract, renters will be charged a $100 removal fee if any articles are left behind. Be sure to lock up before you leave.

if i rented additional add-on items, how and when do i recieve them?

If you rented additional items, they will be in the space ready for you to use.

what happens if i am not out on time?

Due to the nature of our business, it is important that you and your guests vacate the space at the time your rental timeframe ends. Our cleaning crew is scheduled directly after your event to prepare for the next rental. Please note if you are not out on time, you are subject to late fees and additional time being charged. Thank you for understanding.

how do i lock up the space?

Lock the front door on your way out by touching the YALE logo while pushing the door in. Wait for deadbolt to fully extend and for the lock to voice that it's successfully locked. You do not need your code to lock the space. Before you leave also lock the french doors by pushing the deadbolt switch back down so that the lever is released. Make sure fire exit door is closed/latched. 

what if i have questions during my rental?

Our event space is geared towards self-hosted events. We allow you to access the space and host your event independently. We provide a guide on how to utilize the space which is printed out and provided at your rental with detailed instructions for working the AC/heat, locking up, connecting to the bluetooth speaker system and more. If you have questions during your rental, we kindly ask that you use the guide as a reference prior to reaching out. If you are still having trouble, call us and press 1 on our menu. 

which part of the building is rented out?

Convolo occupies the south portion of the Stockman’s Building and utilizes two shared restrooms. Usage of the Convolo Suite is optional as an add-on. Please note that the restaurant next door (Roots of Brasil) is not included in Convolo space rentals.

where is convolo located?

Convolo is located Downtown Sioux Falls near 8th & railroad at 201 N. Weber Avenue in the historic Stockman’s Building. You may recognize it as the flatiron style building on the east side of the railroad.